Silhouette Lift™ gives you the opportunity to get back that smile, that freshness that you like so much, without a general anesthesia, without hospitalization and without a long recovery time.
Silhouette Lift™ is a procedure for patients seeking a significant lift without invasive surgery.
It is ONE-TIME procedure, which takes only one hour to perform.
It is done in a comfortable office environment under local anesthesia.
You will get Natural Long Lasting Results.

The Silhouette Lift™ procedure has been approved by the US FDA in 2006 and CE marked for the European market. Somewhere in the world, every 15 minutes, someone is undergoing a Silhouette Lift procedure. The Silhouette Sutures® are made of polypropylene, a biocompatible material which has been used in cardio vascular and ophthalmic surgery, and bio resorbable cones.
Silhouette Lift™ is suitable for both men and women.
Silhouette Lift™ is ideal for correcting signs of aging in the nasolabial folds, the expression lines and the jowls.
Silhouette Lift™ gives you the opportunity to regain volume in the cheeks, and to redefine your jaw line. You will enjoy immediate results.

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