Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Implantation of PermaLip painless?

Yes. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and even sensitive people  having bad experiences with other procedures under local anaesthesia, do not feel the pain during the implantation. 

How long does the swelling after implantation of PermaLip hold?

Everyone reacts differently to trauma caused by the surgery. Usually intense edema persists three days. If anaesthesia or surgery results in bruising it usually disappears in 7 days. It is advisable that professionally active persons have 1-2 weeks off after the surgery. 

What to do before and after the PermaLip implantation?

Before the surgery

  • Have a petrolatum or ointment that will lubricate the lips after surgery
  • Prepare the gel packs or ice cubes, that you will use to do cold compresses after surgery
  • At least one week before and two weeks after surgery, do not take drugs containing acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin)
  • Do not smoke
  • Twenty-four hours before treatment start accepting Acyclovir 2 x 1 tablet of 400 mg

On the day of the surgery

  • Wash your face, do not apply makeup
  • Do not smoke
  • After surgery you should not drive a car
  • You sholud rest quietly for the rest of your surgery day. The next day you can perform routine tasks
  • After surgery, sleep on your back and with head elevated for 1-2 weeks
  • Take medications as prescribed

The first and second week after surgery

  • Make yourself a cold compresses to the mouth for 24-48 hours after surgery
  • Take antibiotics and Acyclovir prescribed by a doctor
  • For 1-2 weeks after surgery, avoid vigorous exercise
  • For 48 hours after surgery accept soft consistency food that do not require intensive biting, avoid hot and salty food
  • Do not smoke
  • Avoid wide opening of the mouth
  • Rinse your mouth and brush carefully your teeth after meals
  • Moisturize your lips with ointment or petrolatum
  • Clean incisions at corner of the mouth with diluted hydrogen peroxide 1:1 then apply ointment prescribed by your doctor
  • In the morning when you wake up and after meals gently verify that the implant remains centered, if it has shifted to one side, set it in the middle. Repeat this until it stops shifting

The third week after surgery

  • At the end of the third week, if the incision site has healed, start with stretching exercises: wide opening and closing the mouth, wide smile and return to the rest position.
  •  Do not massage your lips
  • After the surgery you should have same mobility of the mouth, as prior to implantation of PermaLip 

Can the implant be easily removed in the future?

Yes, the implants can be easily removed at any time, during a short the surgery under local anesthesia.

Will my lips look like before the operation, after removal of the implants?

Yes. After removal of the implant/implants the lips will return to their size and shape. There is no sedimentation, stretching or deformation of the tissue.

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