Aleksandra Janicka MD, DDS, PhD,

ENT-surgeon and maxillofacial surgeon

PermaLip is the answer

Price list

All rates are as the total price including VAT on aesthetic treatments in the amount of 19%.

Cosmetic procedures
Botulinum Toxin - Forehead wrinklesfrom 150 EURlokal
Botulinum Toxin - Periorbital wrinkles150 EURlocal
Botulinum Toxin - Entire upper face350 EURlokal
Profhilo® - one treatment300 EURlokal
Hyaluronic acid - Lip augmentation 0,5 ml250 EURlokal
Hyaluronic acid - Lip augmentation 1 ml350 EURlokal
Hyaluronic acid - Contouring of the cheeksfrom 250 EURlokal
Hyaluronic acid - Wrinkle smoothingfrom 250 EURlokal
Dracula - Therapie (PRP)from 300 EURlokal
Mesotherapyfrom 100 EURlokal
#colspan# Surgery
Lip augmentation with PermaLip - 1 Implant1000 EURlokal
Lip augmentation with PermaLip - 2 Implants2000 EURlokal
Exchange of PermaLip - 1 Implant500 EURlokal
SilhouetteLift3000 EURlocal or general

Lip lift3000 EURlokal
Temporal brow lift4000 EURlocal or general
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